samedi 15 juillet 2017

the lost Big blue cloth

The Big blue cloth has been lost a few days after the opening of the Blue procession art experience at the end of June.

Even the small blue dyed cloths attached at the entrance of the Kaloritsa site in Naxos island have been disappeared...

On June 23rd was the first presentation of the art pilgrimage where a lot of people assisted.

The blue procession is an art experience taking place during the journey to Kaloritsa, following the trail leading from Bazaios Tower up to the ruins of the Byzantine monastery on the hill of Prophitis Elias nearby. The artist Irini Gonou as a pilgrim is mapping the metaphorical journey in its proper space, marking his physical and spiritual territory, during the walking process

In the realm of the ritual the amuletic aspect of the cloth is reaching its essential property. Equally protective the blue color evokes at the same time the spiritual search in the Mediterranean culture. Tracking the path along with the blue plant dyed cloths attached to the shrubs the protective power of the cloths is extended to join the plant’s natural ability of revival. Individual or collective the “path” is the metaphor of the pilgrim’s inner journey.
At the end of the trail there is a well hidden natural cave converted into church with frescoes dating from 9th to 13th c. Over the cave and around there are arches and alcoves, abandoned remains of the Byzantine monastery.

The Big Blue Cloth hanging in an alcove of the Byzantine ruin is marking the end of the path. Made out of cotton fabric dyed in blue and other natural materials attached on it, the Big Blue Cloth functions as a big amulet while at the same time is a nod to the annual circle of life, fertility, environmental balance and agriculture, a vital domain of the island’s activities.

The blue procession as an art experience-journey will complete the Fantasma art experience and will remain at the site of Kaloritsa from 23/5 up to 28/9/2017.

Fantasma Art Experience
Curator: Mario Vazaios
Bazaios Tower 12 km on the road from Chora to Agiassos
Visits every day from 10:00 to 17:00
Tel: 22850 31402

Born in Athens, Irini Gonou graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, where she lived for eleven years. She has shown her artwork in thirty solo exhibitions in Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, Egypt and Norway. Her solo exhibition Al-Khatt, the magic script on 2009 was held in the Museum of Islamic Arts in Athens. What is more, she has participated in a numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her artwork is included in several Museum collections, Municipal Galleries, private Museums and Foundations, as well as to a variety of important private collections in Greece and abroad.
She lives and works in Athens and teaches regular workshops on the Mediterranean Scripts in the Benaki Museum of Athens.

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