jeudi 28 avril 2016

arabic calligraphy workshop

with the Master Calligrapher Salah Abdel-Khalek 

at the Egyptian Cultural Center of Athens

 teaching the rouq'a calligraphy.

Master Calligrapher Salah Abdel-Khalek is known as 'the lover of kufi calligraphy' and the discoverer of its secrets. Abdel-Khalek mastered the kufi calligraphy, which is the first Arab calligraphy used in writing the Holy Quran, creating masterpieces for which he received a number of prestigious local and international awards. He is not only concerned with creating artworks decorated with the beautiful forms of calligraphy and colours but he is also carrying over his shoulders the mission of returning to the Arab calligraphy its ancient glory. In this respect, he is very diligent in organizing calligraphy workshops and competitions to promote this momentous art among the young generations protecting the art of Arabic script calligraphy from sinking into oblivion.
 Salah Abd el-Khalek, is head of the Egyptian Society for Arabic Calligraphy.

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