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Gamal Ez

Gamal Ez received his Master’s of Arts from the Dutch Royal Academy of Art (1997-2002). 
Born in Alexandria in 1963, Gamal completely his undergraduate work at Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minia in 1988, before moving to The Netherlands. He lives and works in The Hague and Rijswijk, Netherlands. 

                                                                                      House of paper 2006

                                                                        At Home 2006

                                                              House of Glass 2007

"...In House of Glass he recreates a precarious-looking interior, an assemblage of objects including old windows with their panes, couches, ladders and stuffed animals. Everything is dripping in whitewash and small, assembled figurines are positioned as to almost suffocate the space. The piece awaits its viewers as if the entire collection of found objects has in fact been found as is. It radiates a feeling of a haunted house, the whitewashing mimicking white sheets that are often thrown over furniture in abandoned houses. There is in House of Glass, a permeating sense of voyeurism that is not present in his other works..." 


                                                                         Ozon 2007

                                                                        Motor 2006

                                                                        Survay Installation in two parts 2009

"...Gamal moved to the Netherlands in 1988 to study contemporary Western art at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In this new context his work is repositioned. Once an artist is taken out of his or her natural setting the art simply cannot maintain its original connection to its subject matter. Gamal, as an Egyptian artist living abroad, was confronted with a very familiar conflict to those artists working in expatria: his identity. Now under a microscope to produce “contemporary Egyptian art” he lacked a source for his work. The art he produced in the Netherlands exhibits this divide. It is difficult to remain connected to a place when you are no longer present, and this was a challenge Gamal did not shy away from..."

The extracts are from a text of William Wells (director Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt) about Gamal Ez

For a more extensive look about the artist and his work you can visit his web site:

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